Elder Justin Corey Lee
Portugal Lisbon Mission
Apartado 40054
1500 Lisbon

Monday, March 9, 2015

We had a baptism Saturday! It was really, really, really stressful. We had planned to do the baptismal interview just an hour before the baptism. We received a call at 11 o'clock that morning that we didn't have a place to baptize. We didn't know what to do. It isn't our responsibility to get a place, but at the last minute it was. During this time we were working on the baptismal program. The other elders arrived and we went and ate out for lunch with them, and that was good. We made it back to the church at 2:00 to have the interview and to tell them that we didn't have a place. But they arrived late, but not to stress too much, the interview went quick. Olindo, the old guy getting baptized is 82 years old and we didn't have a place with warm water so we asked if he would be baptized in the river that goes directly into the ocean. He said he didn't care so we decided to do that at 4:00. So everything eventually worked out fine. We finished everything at about 6:00.  I was just so tired, and the Church was messy, so we decided to clean the church. We left the chapel at 8:00 and did a little bit of work. The next day I was more tired. Baptism is a lot of stinking work. But everything was good. The son-in-law of Olindo baptized him, who is the husband of a recent convert. So it was really cool.  And yeah, I gave a small talk on the Holy Ghost.

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